meet suzie

TV personality & speaker

Suzie used to dazzle an audience of millions with her daring backflips. When faced with a camera, spectators or challenges, she truly comes alive. She’s presented and been interviewed on numerous regional and national television and radio shows, including ITV, LWT, BBC, Channel 4, Virgin Radio and Radio 5 Live. She’s also appeared in many media publications, including Ultra Fit.

What could Suzie do for you?

If you’re looking to hire a presenter, host, or speaker why not take advantage of Suzie’s natural confidence and years of industry experience to light up your event, party, or screen? Plus, the TV and Gladiator celeb will add glitz and glamour, potentially helping you reach a wider audience and generating more buzz around your event!

Suzie is also available for talk shows, and of course interviews.  Lets get talking.